NFL Matchup Confidence Point

This is the only one of its kind and our flagship pool. It combines a Confidence Point Weekly Pickem Pool with a Weekly Matchups Pool, similar to most of your Fantasy Football pools. Each player picks the winners and confidence points for each game. If the team the pick wins, they get the points. Player with the most points, wins the matchup. Tons of stats tracked, including but not limited to W/L records, Divisional records, Pick Comparison, Etc.

We added a change to make things more fair...if a player does not turn in more than half their picks, there will be a 25 pt. Penalty given. This will be applied upon completion of the week.

Key Features
  • H2H against players in your pool. Scheduled similar to NFL Scheduling
  • Uses confidence points
  • Playoffs you really have to be good. Pick the team and how many points they are going to win by
Minimum Players
16. Even number of players is required.
Pool Fee
Trial Period
Try out your pool through the first week, no obligation. You will only have to pay for your pool if you continue to run your pool

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