MLB Survivor

This is the game where you pick one (or more) team each week, and you advance in the pool if that team wins their game, or you get eliminated if they lose. The catch is that you can not pick the same team twice during the season, by default, but there are many options that allow you to customize it just how you like. One week free trial so feel free to set up a Survivor pool today, and try it out.

Pool can be started at any point in the season. Unlike the standard Survivor pool, each pick is good for an entire week. Monday-Sunday. Your picked team, must win at least half of their games for the week for a player to stay in the pool.

Minimum Players
No Minimum
Pool Fee
Trial Period
Try out your pool through the first Week, no obligation. You will only have to pay for your pool if you continue to run your pool

Our apologies. We are not creating any new pools for the NBA, MLB, or NHL right now. We are working on making your experience a lot better for these sports and others. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please come back for the NFL season.